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Happiest Jobs In The World

This is the time when some people are struggling to have a good job. And can u believe few of us is getting into the jobs they never get bored of. So this post covers all about world top happiest jobs that every person among us will be willing to get after reading this post. These are the jobs that pay a handsome salary enough for a person to fulfill their lifestyle need. These jobs do not require any hard work and some of them may seem funny to you. So Let’s Deal with them.

  1. Panda Nanny

A panda nanny of panda caretaker is someone who is responsible to take care of the needs of pandas. Their need may be a comfortable place, food, medical care or even a hug. To be a panda nanny a person must know some basics about Pandas Psychology Health and some photography skills. This job is in existence at the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Ya’an. A Nanny is paid nearly around $35000 per annum. Wow!!.


  1. Game Tester

The big game developer companies like Electronic Arts Bethesda require Game Testers For every game they launch. Game testers are given responsibilities to find out the flaws in Game Play, Smoothness of Interface and virtual experiences. He should be a hardcore gamer to qualify this job. They are paid in between $3000 to $9000 respective of the type of game they test.


  1. Vine And Food Analyzer

Before a vine or food comes to the market it is necessary to be tasted earlier. To be a good Analyzer, First Of all he or she should have good taste buds and experience of all types of vines and food which are performing better in the industry already. Analyzing includes finding good and bad in smell, taste and appearance of the products. Pay scale may vary according to the company they choose.

  1. Caretaker Of Island

If you possess a good communication and adventure skills. You can opt for this job. Only thing you have to do is explore the Island and report to the owner of the Island through mails, blog and other means. The Purpose of doing this to know what an Island can offer to its visitors. Other activities may be like fish feeding and pool maintenance. Usually caretaker is hired on contract basis and paid in between $5000 to $9000 per month.

  1. Professional Bed Tester

This one is funny.  A person gets paid to sleep at work. Along with the mattress and Pillow a tester has to analyze many things like lighting in the room, air freshness and sound proof walls. He justifies whether the environment meets the standard required by the client or not. They are paid according to earlier experiences and it can vary from $20000 to $50000 per annum.


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