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Fine arts books designed by NCERT is rich in all details and illustrations. Art and Culture NCERT books are so well designed with real images of places, structures, mural Arts, temples, sculptures etc.

Huge Importance of Art and Culture Books

From the prehistoric art findings to modern day architectures and arts, everything is covered in Art and Culture NCERT books. To have a better understanding of recent times, we always have to look at the history. Art and Culture UPSC NCERT tried to elaborate all arts and architectural changes throughout the timeline of history.

From the cave arts to mauryan architecture, temple architecture to Indo Islamic arts and architecture, the book is designed in such a way that anyone can grasp in-depth knowledge of Art and Culture.

An Authentic Book For UPSC Aspirants

Only a few authentic books are there if we think of Art & Culture textbooks for UPSC CSE. Each year 9-11 questions are asked in UPSC exam directly from the Art and Culture NCERT books. You will find that every topper recommends to read from these books before reading from private publisher books like ‘Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania’.

Art and Culture NCERT

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Must Read Book Recommended by Toppers

Yes, it is Nitin Singhania’s famous book essential for Art and Culture. You might have heard already a lot about this book. Latest 3rd edition(2020) of the book is available in Hindi and English at Amazon India.

Chapter Wise Coverage of Topics

NCERT has published only one book of Fine Arts i.e. An Introduction to Indian Art(Bhartiya Kala Ka Parichay) for the class 11. There is no book for class 12 designed by NCERT. All topics are described in brief to give you and idea about the contents available chapter wise.

Your Preparation may require sometimes the selective reading i.e. specific chapters from Art and Culture NCERT book. If yes, then you can download separate PDFs of each Chapter. 

Art and Culture NCERT Class 11 - An Introduction to Indian Art - Bhartiya Kala Ka Parichay

Prehistoric Rock Paintings - प्रागैतिहासिक शैल-चित्र

Prehistoric culture and practices are determined by the finding of tools human beings used at that time, drawings on the wall of caves, pottery etc. The drawings are predominantly of human beings and animals. This way they kept a record of how both were related with each-other. After the discoveries by Archibold Carlleyle, many other archaeologists also focused on prehistoric evidences and findings.

Arts Of The Indus Valley - सिंधु घाटी की कलाएँ

Bronze casting to city planning, as we all know Indus Valley Civilization was iconic in all aspects. This chapter covers all the arts and architecture adopted by the Harappan people. Dancing girl was one of many examples that proves Harappan Art was ahead of their time. City planning, pottery, baths, sectors, water resource management and trade, those people have done remarkable work.

Mauryan Period Art - मौर्य कालीन कला

Jainism, Buddhism and Rise of Ashoka The Great. Everything has the influence in the art and culture of that time. Specific design of stupas and viharas, Palaces, Jain and Buddhist Temples, all these factors tells a impressive story about the culture of this period. This period is known for Shraman system that opposed caste system and the Magadh Empire.

Post Mauryan Trends in Indian Art And Architecture - भारतीय कला और स्थापत्य में मौर्योत्तर कालीन प्रवृत्तियाँ

After Mauryan Empire, we heard of Guptas, Satvahans, Kanvas, Shungas and Kushanas. They tried to influence religious system as well as culture and art after acquiring the power in their region. Brahmanical sects like Shaivas and Vaishnavas deepened their roots in Indian culture at this time.

Later Mural Traditions - परवर्ती भित्ति -चित्रण परंपराएँ

From the prehistoric time to modern days, Mural Arts still exist in many forms. This chapter covers how Mural Art changed throughout history. From cave paintings to drawings of Hindu Gods on Temple Walls, everything is covered in the chapter. Differences between arts of different region and religion are well described. Well illustrated pictures in this chapter of art and culture NCERT book will help you to understand the topic.

An Introduction To Indian Art

Temple Architecture and Sculpture - मंदिर स्थापत्य और मूर्तिकला

You may have heard about Nagar Shailee and Dravid Shailee of temples in India. This chapter all of them including the concepts like Sanctum(Garbhgriha), entrance, shikhar etc. How engineering was done to build such magnificent temples and how beautifully these were decorated to praise the God. These concepts are really important to grasp for exam purposes.

Indian Bronze Sculpture - भारतीय कांस्य प्रतिमाएँ

From the beginning of Indus Valley Civilization We mastered bronze casting. Later many developments were done to enhance sculpture making using bronze. Pottery and other things were also made utilizing bronze as it has luster. Many methods like Lost Wax Technique were used to perfect the sculpting work. How bronze changed the fate of human society and its usefulness is well elaborated using pictures and illustrations.

Bhartiya Kala Ka Parichay

Some Aspects of Indo Islamic Architecture - इण्डो-इस्लामिक वास्तुकला के कुछ कलात्मक पहलू

After Muslims entered the Indian Subcontinent, they mixed existing Indian traditions of Culture and Architecture with their form of traditions. Forts we see today remind us how perfectly those were built. Mahals, Char Baghs, Minars etc, all are best examples of Indo Islamic Architecture. Red Fort, Taj Mahal all we see today are still fascinating. After Delhi Sultanate Indo Islamic architecture developed and got praise in many parts of India.

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