NCERT Books PDF for UPSC CSE in English

Without NCERT Books no preparation of Civil Service Exam can happen. Sometimes even direct questions from the NCERT Books have been asked if you analyze the previous year questions. When you complete NCERT from 6-12 you will have an idea about relevancy of the questions asked in Prelims or Mains.

  • History

From Ancient History to modern history of India as well as world history every topic is covered in NCERT History books. Starting from 6th up to 12th every incident in history is covered in sequence. Please follow the link bellow to access all NCERT Books for History at one place.

NCERT History Books for UPSC CSE in English

  • Geography

For geography it is necessary to cover all books, but you need focus better on the books provided in 11-12 for geography. Physical Geography to Human Geography as well as some essential ideas about Geology, NCERT beautifully elaborated them all. For World Geography and Indian Geography maps and diagrams efficiently clear all doubts

NCERT Geography Books for UPSC CSE in English

  • Political Science

When comes to Civil Services, Political Science is considered to be a little tougher than other subjects. But when you have your foundation made by learning all the aspects of political Science with the help of NCERT, it can become your favorite subject. And then you can read specific author’s book with ease.

NCERT Political Science Books for UPSC CSE in English

  • Economics

To understand current scenario of Indian Economy apart from Specific Author’s books NCERT is must to be read by the aspirants. Fiscal policy to monetary policy, Microeconomics to macroeconomics, you can have a rich idea about everything when you read from NCERT.

NCERT Economics Books for UPSC CSE in English

  • Art And Culture

For a better understanding of art and culture of India that existed in the past as well as modern scenario of it, go through the NCERT Books specially focus on Class XI‘s An Introduction to Indian Art.

NCERT Art and Culture Books for UPSC CSE in English

  • Other Important Subjects

These subjects you can read from any private publisher’s books or NCERT books. We are talking about Sociology, Heritage Crafts etc.  You can access these books if you want.

NCERT Miscellaneous Books for UPSC CSE in English



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