Why is Abbas-Mustan Always Dressed In White?

For those who don’t know who they are. lets clear it. They are popular du0 Directors of bollywood industry, known for their works on Baazigar, Badshah, Khiladi, 36 China Town and other cool movies. They are brothers and they claim they haven’t been apart a single day in 54 years.

The reason behind their white clothes revealed when they disclosed it to an interview. In childhood they used to wear white clothes as a part of their school uniform and they didn’t want to break that monotony. They are not not limited to colour of clothes they share their phone and same mobile number too. Untill they sleep together they are always together as they said. After they wake up first thing they do is to see each other.

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They go for holidays together. They said some people who know them for years, even they are unable to distinguish their voices. So they have same voice too. As a director they hate darkness in the movies too. There films contain less night scenes. They tried to put on another colored outfit but they felt uncomfortable with that. From that day they decided to wear the same color.

Apart from these their residential home is also painted in white. They headed to India from Burma to try their luck in bollywood industry. Firstly they were offered the work of editors and ghost directors. After making good performances they became directors and since then they have given many blockbuster movies like Baazigar, Ajnabi and Race.

Initial condition of them was very poor. They lived in chawl in mumbai. They say they never auditioned the new comers they launched and in this list the actors are Shilpa Shetty, Arbaaz khan, Bipasa basu and Preity Zinta and other actors. Everybody is aware of the movie Kis Kis Ko Pyar Karu performed and produced by Kapil Sharma. Even that movie was directed by Abbas Mustan. You can see they never audition anybody. Kapil is good in comedy but horrible in acting.

Also they are now launching Mustafa Burmawalla(Son of Abbas) in a movie called Machine. I hope they have auditioned him before giving this opportunity. When movie will be released on 17th march 2017 then we will decide what’s good and wrong with their decision. Lets hope his son will do good in the movie and would have a better career in the industry.

In march 2017 Kapil Sharma invited them in the show and promoted their film Machine. Kiara Advani and Ronit Roy are also in the film. Kiara as usual looked beautiful and attractive.


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